Bang Bang


Its pretty clear that Mad Decent can’t be beat of late. Their collective holds links to some of the most legendary and up and coming artists of the moment. Amongst those, the lady on everyone’s lips right now, Rye Rye. When I first came across Rye Rye, I didn’t expect to click with her tracks as much as I have done. As times gone on she seems to proving herself more and more, there’s no doubt that Rye Rye will soon be joining M.I.A. and Santigold with their mass appeal, its only a matter of time.

‘Bang’ is one my favourite tracks of the year so far and it just keeps getting better with the amount of class remixes coming out of the woodwork.

Rye Rye Feat. M.I.A. – Bang (DJ Sega’s Philly Club Remix) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)


Rye Rye’s Myspace

M.I.A’s Myspace

DJ Sega’s Myspace


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2 thoughts on “Bang Bang

  1. Mr. Artist AKA Counterpoise says:

    I’m sorry, but this song is so bad it was worth the effort of saying so with a post.
    To make you feel a little bit better, according to the Tags over there > > > >
    you do have taste:)

    I know, get a life, tell me about it…

  2. poco says:

    ^^ whatever mate,

    the song YOU don’t like doesn’t emulate ‘bad taste’,

    it’s just a remix, have you noticed how many there are

    of ‘bang’ ?

    if you have an open mind, Sega IS good taste.

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