1000 Minutes Part Fourteen


I told you in my last installment of this project that I was busy transferring my iTunes onto my new Macbook…..I still haven’t finished. I didn’t anticipate just how long this was going to take. Ok, so I may be slowing the process down by making sure every track, album and E.P has artwork (a little OCD I know) but still…

I don’t want to repeat myself, but as I said last time, it has been quite the treat finding all the old gems I’d forgotten about. Some of which I’m going to share today. Want to know more about this project? Click HERE.

45. The Futureheads – Hounds Of Love [3:04] [time remaining 825:05] (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

There are very few cover versions I actually approve of, let alone like. The Futureheads covering Kate Bush’s ‘Hounds Of Love’ is one of those and its quite high up the list. To say I’m a big Kate Bush fan would be a lie as I only really know her hits, so maybe I’m not the person best qualified to judge whether this version is brilliant or sacrilege. Whatever the argument, I think The Futureheads nailed it with their trademark harmony filled sound.

46. Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere [3:42] [time remaining 821:23] (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

Fleetwood Mac are a band that have accompanied me across the majority of my life. A favourite with both of my parents and even the majority of my friends, something about them is so timeless and endlessly perfect. I truly had difficulty deciding on which track I would include in this project and eventually caved, going for perhaps their mos famous, ‘Everywhere’. Beautiful from start to finish, this will never grow old for me.

47. James – Laid [2:38] [time remaining 818:45] (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

This is without doubt my favourite track by James and never fails to make me smile, mainly for the opening three lines. I was only 10 years when ‘Laid’ was released, so missed it the first time round. I discovered it a few years later along with Brit Pop and it was one of the main songs to help train my musical ear for the better. Thank god that happened.

48. Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough [3:43] [time remaining 815:02] (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

This is a real given and I think its quite likely that if everyone had to do their own 1000 Minutes Project, this track would feature on the majority of the lists. Its unbelievable that a song so old (28 years!) can still fit in so seamlessly with some of the most current music out there, as if it too had just been released. Is and always will be, a classic.


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