1000 Minutes Part Sixteen


I’ve had a little while to think about this project over the last couple of weeks as I’ve had no internet and been busy unpacking boxes in my new house. In doing so, I’ve been able to have a proper look through mine and my girlfriends CD collection and its reminded me of so many gems of the past, I’m much more confident about my choice for my remaining time.

53. Patrick Wolf – Overture [4:41] [time remaining 795:02] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

Its difficult these days to find an artist that possesses real musical talent. The charts are over saturated with over produced pop acts, terrible dance acts and middle of the road indie bands. Of course if you dig deep enough into the underground you will find the odd hidden gem with a dedicated army of fans but a lack of deserved credit. Patrick Wolf has always been one of the latter described artists for me, a genuine, classically trained genius that will never be accredited by the critics as he should. There are a number of Patrick’s songs that could make it into my list and to be honest, still might. My first and possibly only pick however is ‘Overture’, the opening track to his third full length album, ‘The Magic Position’. As far as his albums go, this was probably his most commercially viable and it is certainly not my favourite. ‘Overture’ on the other hand is a masterpiece. Deeply theatrical like much of Patrick’s back catalogue, the opening strings pull at my own heart strings everytime I hear it. I remember Patrick opening his set with this track when I saw him live at Bestival 2008 and it nearly making me cry. The personal memories this song holds coupled with its pure beauty ensure that it will never lose favour with me.

54. Au Revoir Simone – Where You Go [2:44] [time remaining 792:18] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

I was introduced to this track and simultaneously this band by an ex girlfriend/best friend of mine roughly three years ago after she chose it for a compilation CD. The hidden depths to ‘Where You Go’ are what triggers my affection for it. At first listen the lyrics tell a deeply romantic tale of love and infatuation, detailing how you can want to spend every available minute with the object of your affection, not caring where you are as long as you’re with them. However, after a few listens you may also note that it is more a tale or unrequited love and possibly obsession with that person you long to be near, but can’t. However you want to read it, the track is undeniably cute and may I say a perfect choice for that all important mix CD.

55. Elastica – Vaseline [1:24] [time remaining 790:54] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

Such a simple song, but a classic in so many peoples eyes, including my own. There’s something immensely sexy about Justine Frischmann’s vocal style and general persona, for me she was the perfect role model in my teenage years. Elastica’s self titled album has got to be one of the most important releases of my life so far, I literally wore it out and still do. This is not my favourite Elastica track, that will come later, but I do believe this is one of the most important – a must have in your itunes library.

56. Blur – There’s No Other Way [3:24] [time remaining 787:30] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

Who better to follow Elastica with than Blur? I can guarantee you that this will not be the only Blur track you’ll find in this project, there are several more waiting in the sidelines. My first choice from the Essex boys I loved so much as a teenager can be found on their 1991 release ‘Leisure’. I didn’t fully appreciate or click with Blur until their third studio album ‘Parklife’ that was released three years later. At 11 years old I was truly excited by the Brit Pop bands I was suddenly witnessing on The Chart Show and became wrapped up in the tabloid feuds and headlines that followed. Upon purchasing ‘Parklife’ I soon bought backwards (or should I say, asked my mum to buy for me) and picked up their previous albums ‘Leisure’ and ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’ on tape also. The first track to grab me from ‘Leisure’ was this one and it still sounds as good to me now.



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