Its been awhile


I’ve been away for a little while, you may have noticed, you may have not. The reason for the lack of posting is due to my moving house which pretty much consumed me. But now its over, I’m stress free, BT have set up our new Internet connection and I am ready to go.

Alot has happened in the music world since I’ve been away… Two long awaited, much hyped albums have been released by La Roux and Florence and the Machine, both absolute gems if you ask me. Alex Metric has put his remix hat on again, it suits him doesn’t it? Lady Gaga has convinced me to like yet another song on her album after the release of the hideously pretentious, yet brilliant, 7 minute video for ‘Paparazzi’; Frankmusik appears to have turned into a boyband esque pop sensation, Q-Tip has announced the first official release of ‘Kamaal: The Abstract’ in September, almost 10 years after it should’ve been and finally, of course, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson sadly passed away.

Today is my catch up day for everything that’s passed me by in that time, so please, bear with me.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the previously mentioned Alex Metric remix, enjoy….

Bloc Party – One More Chance (Alex Metric Remix) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)


Bloc Party Myspace

Alex Metric’s Myspace


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One thought on “Its been awhile

  1. GRVRBBRS says:

    check out this black eyed peas remix

    Download, Share, Ect.

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