Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce_temp cover

Something strange has happened to me this evening, let me give you some background…

I hate house music. Quite a bold statement, but by this I mean the standard, weak house sounds they pump out in the majority of clubs over a weekend. The odd electro house track or DJ will slip through the net and make it onto my yes list – normally because I force myself into denial and claim that what I’m listening to is not house at all but some sub genre of a really obscure unknown sound.

One house artist I will always admit to feeling however is Armand Van Helden, something about this guys music always gets me, no matter how annoyed it makes me. So imagine my joy when I heard he’d started a new collaborative project with one of my favourites, A-Trak. Oh yes.

Duck Sauce is the name they’ve chosen for this project and the thought process behind it stems from wanting to create fresh new tracks based on their love for vintage disco house tunes.

Well I’m sorry, but these two guys, with an added dash of disco – I had to give it a chance…

…and, I liked it.

Duck Sauce – Anyway (Removed by request)

Get your hands on the full quality release HERE.


A-Trak’s Myspace

Armand Van Helden’s Myspace


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