I Love You…


Who? Amanda Blank of course, a lady who is finally getting the buzz she deserves after the release of her debut album, ‘I Love You’ this week. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive in the post, but from what I’ve heard so far, its pretty damn special and exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve been getting a little impatient with this one, which I think is fair considering the amount of female MC’s that seem to be delaying their album releases…or even worse, not recording one at all…luckily Amanda has pulled through and got hers in their at just the right time.

In case you’re in my position (waiting patiently)…feast your ears on these for the time being…

Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better (Rusko Remix) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

Amanda Blank – Make it Take it (DJ Eli Escobar Remix) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)


Amanda Blank’s Myspace


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2 thoughts on “I Love You…

  1. sailorbluesea says:

    Amanda blank is best

  2. Lacie says:

    I for sure am in love with her love song its blasting in my car everyday. Gotta Make it happen.

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