See Mystery Lights

cd yacht

YACHT have always been one of those bands that I’m not quite sure about. Enjoyable all the same, just never grabbing me enough to form a love or obsession. If you’d have asked me about the bands main man Jona Bechtolt I would’ve responded by telling you that I was much more fond of his work with former band ‘The Blow’. Their 2006 album ‘Paper Television’ was a prime example of what I would call Indie-Pop perfection.

Bechtolt and YACHT band mate Claire L. Evans have now swayed me over to their side of the musical fence with their new release ‘See Mystery Lights’. The album is their debut as a duo (although Bechtolt has released full lengths under the name of YACHT previously) and their first release on label DFA Records. Its lively but dark in places demonstrating comfortably in 10 tracks just why they have themselves a fiercely loyal and obsessive fan base.

Beautifully Lo-Fi throughout, only interupted by some dirty basslines and fierce drumbeats this record is one of the most interesting I’ve come across all year – perhaps only beaten by the Dirty Projectors.

Get hold of the album HERE (released in the UK on August 31st).

I give you my instant favourite from the album, on the condition that you understand that almost every track has the potential to become my new favourite upon next listen…

YACHT – I’m In Love With A Ripper (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

And for old times sake, a YACHT remix of the band that will always shine for me as Bechtolt’s former glory.

The Blow – Hock It (YACHT Remix) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)


YACHT’s Myspace


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