Watch The Sun Come Up


Example is back again with a new single to be released on September 1st. He’s left Don Diablo at home for this one but hes got some pretty big names on remix duty already. I have nothing but love for Example and cannot wait for a second album to drop.

The new single ‘Watch The Sun Come Up’ is a summer tune in every sense of the term, think sing along chorus lines, uplifting piano lines that could of been used in the title sequence for The OC (don’t let that put you off) and the vocal stylings of one of our hottest MC talents.

The two remixes below could not be more different from each other, which is pretty obvious if you know the artists, both add something new to an already hot track and will be looping in my stereo for a little while I’m sure.

Example – Watch The Sun Come Up (Fred Falke Remix) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

Example – Watch The Sun Come Up (Joker & Ginz Remix) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

The man himself has also set up a new blog, go have a read HERE.


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4 thoughts on “Watch The Sun Come Up

  1. Kerri says:

    That Fred Falke remix is great! Nice one Example.

  2. B-rye says:

    S’All about Fred Faulk RMX

  3. mitch says:

    I love this remix. Fred Falke never disappoints

  4. sitails says:

    loved it until the “rap” / vocal breakdown then it turned to pure cheese

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