Debut 2: The Teaches Of Peaches

The-Teaches-Of-Peaches-by-Peaches_nQlzG16GXIkx_full Peaches – The Teaches Of Peaches (Released 2000 – Re-Released in 2002)

Now before we start, I would like to state that technically this is the first Peaches album. A previous  was released in 1995 entitled ‘Fancypants Hoodlum‘ but this was released under her real name, Merrill Nisker. Therefore I do not count it. Perhaps I should, but perhaps it doesn’t matter.

I decided to choose this album as the focal point for the second edition of ‘Debut’ because of Peaches’ critical importance to the electronic scene. Nobody else prior to her, or after her have managed to display such crudeness and sexual confidence in their releases or their stage show and been welcomed with such adoration. What better way to kick off an album that displays this ballsy attitude than ‘Fuck The Pain Away‘ a song that was championed by most, from rebellious teenagers (my mother was not a fan – not that I was a teenager at the time) to those in the electronic scene that on first look mistook her as a gimmick. ‘Fuck The Pain Away‘ served not only as a statement but an introduction for what was still to come, “What else is in the teaches of peaches? Huh? What?”

Throughout the 11 tracks she seems to want to push the more prudish of the listeners as far as she can, almost sticking her middle finger up at anyone who dares to criticise. Within ‘AA XXX‘ she proves she has an answer for all of them, “Some people say that I keep my self-respect hidden in my cervix”.

I must admit, although I love the album in its entirety, I find that ‘Rock Show‘ is a little weak as far as Peaches rock anthems go. Within her later albums you can find much better examples of the energy she can put into such a sound with ‘Kick It‘ (Fatherfucker – 2003), ‘You Love It‘ (Impeach My Bush – 2006) and ‘Show Stopper‘ (I Feel Cream – 2009) hitting the spot. Or even within this album itself, skipping forward to ‘Hot Rod‘ or ‘Sucker‘ will uncover something similar, but far more interesting.

My personal highlight of this initial release has got to be ‘Set It Off ‘. With this track you experience the electronic, suggestive and filthy side of Peaches whilst being pulled in by her seductive drawl. Whenever I listen to this song, its buzzing around in my head for hours.

Its perhaps ‘Diddle My Skittle‘ which is the most informative about the artist herself, not lyrically – although ‘There’s only one Peach with the hole in the middle” is pretty spot on. Instead the industrial build up, steady beat and the sound of static at the climax just screams Peaches. Despite its lack of pace, something about this track always seems urgent to me, in all the best ways.

I think what I love most about Peaches is her complete lack of desire to be your standard popular artist. Upon cracking open the cover for ‘The Teaches Of Peaches‘ you won’t find high gloss, stunning photographs of her sporting pretentious expressions. Instead you’ll witness raw live photos of her, hairy armpits on show, sweat dripping from her body and what looks like a black eye in one shot. This is an example of a women that wants to be respected for the beats she is creating instead of being some sort of pin up. For this, my respect she will always hold.

Choice Track: Peaches – Set It Off (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)



One thought on “Debut 2: The Teaches Of Peaches

  1. Mike says:

    Liking this new themed post. Can go for long run. Did you see the Source magazines recent article ‘6 Of The Best…’ when they did ‘…debut albums’?

    Have you noticed that Peaches is coming to play Brighton soon too. I’m pretty sure we have Henry to thank for this even though it’s at C2, which he’s doing more and more work with.

    Just noticed your post changes font for the last paragraph!


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