1000 Minutes Part Nineteen


I’m having one of those chilled out days today, I’ve had a few days off work on holiday and I go back tomorrow. Today the house is quiet apart from me and so far I’ve spent my time drinking tea, eating toast, having a couple of cigarettes, watching 4od and flicking through my iTunes library at random.

Due to my relaxed temperament today, I’ve decided to keep the 1000 Minutes abit downtempo. In no way were this entries choices meant to be depressing, so apologies if thats how you find them. I find that even the most sad songs can be quite uplifting, it depends how you want to hear them right?

64. Placebo – Teenage Angst [2:42] [time remaining 760:09] (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

Teenage Angstis a song I will never grow tired of. The title of the song was incredibly appropriate for the period of my life in which I first came across it. Released in 1996, I was 13 years old and believe I first got hold of Placebo’s debut album about a year or two later. This is an album that still reigns high in my greatest of all time listings, infact don’t be surprised if you see it featured in the new Debut section sometime soon. It was difficult choosing a track from that album for this list, so I went with the one that has stood the test of time the most in terms of my current taste – ‘Teenage Angst’ somehow still seems fresh everytime I hear it.

65. Theoretical Girl – Another Fight [3:47] [time remaining 756:22] (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

Theoretical Girl was one of those incredibly pleasant musical surprises I got a few years back. I’m not certain on whether somebody recommended her to me (if they did, I’m pretty sure I know who) or whether I just found her on Myspace. Either way, I know that the initial demo’s I heard sometime ago won me as a fan almost immediately, this song especially. You may have also heard the cover Lightspeed Champion did of it semi recently, which yes, was OK…but didn’t quite hold the genuine emotion that comes across in the vocals of the original. The lyric “The truth is, there’s no one like you” struck me as incredibly simple, yet beautiful upon first listen and it still makes me smile. As did the news that Theoretical Girls debut album will finally hit shelves on Monday. Buy it.

66. The Bicycles – I Know We Have To Be Apart [2:41] [time remaining 753:41] (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

Much like the Theoretical Girl track posted above, I have no idea how I first stumbled across this track. To be completely frank, I don’t know anything about The Bicycles as a band and I haven’t ever listened to any of their other releases. If what the iTunes Genius bar is telling me is correct, then they have quite a number of tracks for me to explore at some point. For now though and for the purpose of this project I can tell you that this one song has been on my iPod for a few years. If my timings are correct, I came across it in roughly September 2006 – how? I have no idea, downloaded on a whim maybe? I do remember that upon first random listen to the song, it grabbed a hold of me in some way and seemed somewhat appropriate for my frame of mind at the time. Due to this, I find it quite therapeutic, calming if you like. Therefore, its a dead cert.


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