Long distance never works…


If you haven’t purchased Fake Blood’s new E.P ‘Fix Your Accent‘ yet, then I suggest you do so, immediately. No excuses, you can shuffle over to Beatport and buy it right HERE.

I strongly recommend that the first track you treat your ears to is ‘I think I like it‘ which is fast becoming my favourite track of the month.

The song I’m going to share with you in this post is not on that E.P because it deserves to be paid for, instead, I’m hooking you up with Fake Blood’s latest remix, for indie giants The Gossip. Upon first surfacing online it caused quite the frenzy and was desperately difficult to get hold of, within days though, it was everywhere and hyped beyond belief. Not his best remix, but still brilliant and possibly one of his best vocal samples to form the words “Fake Blood” so far.

Gossip – Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Remix) (Drop Io) (Alt Lik YSI)


Fake Blood’s Myspace

Gossip’s Myspace


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3 thoughts on “Long distance never works…

  1. Primate King says:

    Great “spooky” track for the fall season! A little more “medium” bpm for an off-peak drop here…

  2. Urban Fabric says:

    I’m really liking this remix the more I listen to it. Fake Blood’s new EP Fix Your Accent is one of the best ep’s I have heard in a while. Every track is a banger in it’s own right!

    A must buy for sure.


  3. Mr. Whiskers says:

    Liking this remix a lot too. Good for late night methinks.

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