Take me to the hospital


I haven’t really been feeling The Prodigy for a good few years and when I heard their latest album ‘Invaders Must Die‘ I couldn’t believe that it hadn’t been made in the 90’s…something about it felt oh so dated.

But then, something changed, I heard Adam F and Horx’s remix of latest single ‘Take Me To The Hospital‘ and I got hooked. Line and sinker this track made me instantly excited. Their use of the already incredible vocal line is immense and so up my street its unreal. This will make any dance floor go nuts, guaranteed.

The Prodigy – Take Me to the Hospital (Adam F and Horx Remix) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)


The Prodigy’s Myspace


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4 thoughts on “Take me to the hospital

  1. Urban Fabric says:

    I dig the whole Invaders Must Die Album and I like the fact that it pulls from the past to make the future.

  2. Mike says:

    In my opinion Prodigy never reached the heights of Jilted Generation, but this remix is tasty. Makes me consider what other tunes past or present could be brought up to date with a remix?

    I also just want to say that I think your writing is getting better and better all the time and the blog is so much tidier for being on WordPress. It’s nice to watch the evolution.

    I think you might like a remix of a James Yuill tune I’ve found that’s been done by the DJ V?. Find it here – http://therecommender.net

    See you in town real soon I hope…

  3. Mike says:

    Hey guys,

    We actually just posted a video today in conjunction with today’s release of the single. It’s a hilarious Prodigy photo shoot with the legendary Mick Rock (and featuring the original track).

    Also in our exclusive interview with Liam, he talks about listening to many of his classic ’89-’92-rave-era records when working on Invaders Must Die, which I thought was relevant to Urban Fabric’s comment above.

    The stuff is at http://TheMusic.FM/TheProdigy


  4. Urban Fabric says:

    Wicked Mike! Thanks for posting the link. I’ll check it out now.


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