All the love


Now this is not what I was expecting…Wow.

When I came across a track titled ‘Florence + the Machine – You’ve got the love (The xx remix)’ I expected a straight remix. I expected a fantastic remix of course, because you should not expect anything less than amazing when it comes to The xx, but I did not expect this absolute perfection.

Samples of FATM’s already great cover, mixed up with the charming and beautiful vocals provided by Romy and Oliver of The xx, all layered over the top of some amazing chest thumping beats.

Turn this one up. Loud.

Florence + the Machine – You’ve got the love (The xx remix) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)


The xx’s Myspace

Florence + the Machine’s Myspace


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3 thoughts on “All the love

  1. Nickel says:

    Um… Wow. Amazing.

  2. zerootie says:

    I was the same when i first heard the remix, its amazing, i bought their album the other day and thats amazing from start to finish. Really amazing band.

  3. T-56 says:

    From the first time I heard it (Sirius 26) till just finding it now, it’s all I could think of. Simply stunning.

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