Terror Tone

Just like every blog writer, I get alot of e-mails from artists or their representatives asking that I feature their music. Unfortunately, I just don’t get time to read through all of them, let alone listen to the tracks they’re talking about. This isn’t through lack of care, I genuinely wish I had time to do it, because occasionally, you really do come across the odd gem you’ve never heard of.

No before I talk about the latest gem I’ve found, I want to tell you about what drew me in to listen to him in the first place. The e-mail about Terror Tone came from Ally at Spread The Noise, which if you don’t know, is a blog promotion service. He got my attention with the following opener…

“Hope all’s cool. Just went for my first haircut in China and the results are disastrous – my limited knowledge of Mandarin has left me with a Bowie-just-out-of-bed look. Not hot.”

Thank you Ally, as not only did you start my day off with a smile, you also made me want to read further and by doing so I’ve come across this rather good Canadian DJ called Terror Tone. His new E.P, ‘Badman Bounce’ is out now on Intellegenix and after listening to it for the past 20 minutes or so, I can vouch for the fact that its pretty awesome.

If you fancy a taster, check out the track below:

Terror Tone – Stash Box (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

Buy the whole E.P HERE.



One thought on “Terror Tone

  1. Gary says:

    Toronto must have a huge electronic scene, lots of great music coming out of there

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