1000 Minutes Part Twenty Four

Here goes with part 24…I’m not even half way through this countdown yet and I’m amazed at how many tracks I’ve managed to rack up so far. I guess without calculation, I thought I’d be alot more limited than I actually am. That said, I’m still going to tread carefully and treat it as though every minute is of a incredibly high value.

79. The Velvet Teen – Radiapathy [2:32] [time remaining 704.59] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

This track takes me back to my time at university in Southampton, where I worked with a group of fantastic people at a local independent cinema. One of my good friends and colleagues made me mix CD one day (he made many greats, but this was the best) and it featured this track. I’d never heard of the band before, but became an instant fan. I’ve always been a fan of solid drum beats and gang vocals, both of which feature in this song. If you’re looking for something to add to a driving mix, I recommend this one highly, especially if like me, you’re fond of drumming on the steering wheel like a Dad.

Buy from HMV

80. Sleater-Kinney – Good Things [3:10] [time remaining 701:49] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

I’ve adored this band for a good number of years and think I always will. As for picking a favourite track from their extensive back catalogue, well, its not easy. I’m sure at least a few more of theirs will make this list, but for now, I’m picking one which still gives me shivers. Lyrically, I find it perfect: “Got this feeling when i heard your name the other day / couldn’t say it, couldn’t make it go away / it’s a hard place, can’t be friends, we can’t be enemies / it’s just too much, feel the weight crushing down on my face”. Its rare to find such genuine emotion in a vocal, but with this track, Sleater-Kinney capture it beautifully.

Buy from iTunes

81. Frightened Rabbit – Heads Roll Off [3:44] [time remaining 698:05] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

Frightened Rabbit’s 2008 release ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’ really struck a chord with me. It reminded me of albums I used to listen to when I was abit younger, but at the same time managed to sound completely current. Something within the lyrics strikes me as motivational or encouraging and although it sounds quite melancholic it tends to lift my mood with every listen.

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