Drumming a different song

Sometimes I can find myself getting abit sick of a track when remixes by every producer on the planet fill up my inbox, but sometimes a little gem can be hiding amongst the masses.

The little gem I have for you today is an interesting and definitely unique take on Florence + the Machines’ Drumming Song. The remix comes from London boy Seiji who is really making a name for himself on the production market. Annie Mac name dropped him in her show this week calling him a fantastic producer who can turn his hand to any dance genre and make it amazing. If this example doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will…

Florence + the Machine – Drumming Song (Seiji Remix) (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)


Seiji’s Myspace

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3 thoughts on “Drumming a different song

  1. Caco says:

    amazing remix! yeah! XD

  2. rizzudo says:

    I almost skipped over this, for similar reasons you allude to in the post, seriously glad I didn’t, very good remix!

  3. pooh says:

    seiji has been making a name for himself for a LONG time. he was a member of bugz in the attic.

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