Debut 5: Jewellery

20070501 micachuMicachu – Jewellery (released 2009)

I’ve revisited this album quite a lot recently. Although the term revisiting suggests that this album is older than it actually is – When infact it was only released about seven months ago. What I actually mean, is that from a personal perspective, I wore this album out when I bought it. Nothing had intrigued my ears more for years, if ever and due to this, they couldn’t get enough of it. Therefore – if I only listen to it once a month or so now, it feels as though I’ve been a little deprived. The one negative shocker in relation to this simply amazing record is its lack of nomination for 2009’s Mercury Music Prize. What is that about?

The album kick starts with ‘Vulture’ which is packed to the brim with distortion, lo-fi effects, eerie synth sounds and Mica Levi’s now instantly recognisable poly sexual sounding vocal. Upon first listen, you could be forgiven for wondering what the hell is going on and if you’re over 40, you may even be accepted for judging this as a noise assault on your ear drums. But if you stick with it, you soon realise that this ‘noise’ is one of the most original, pioneering and amazing musical projects you’ve ever heard.

‘Lips’ is a track that stands at only 1 minute and 20 seconds long, strangely it takes about 30 seconds to really kick in, leaving you with less than a minute to get to grips with it. Yet still, with its driving rhythm, lip sound effects and catchy hook it became my most favoured track for certain.

Throughout ‘Jewellery’ we’re presented with outstanding lyric writing, but one particular track stands out for me. Although ‘Sweetheart’ is only 53 seconds long its packed to the brim with thoughts taken directly from Mica Levi’s positively eccentric mind.

“I’ll get a job when I grow old / Its fun to lose a few I’m told / The thought of kissing anything reminds me that I have become thin / Eating fruit reminds me of ragging girls.”

Put simply, this album is a must own for anyone with an appreciation of creativity, experimentation and musical genius.

Choice Track: Micachu – Eat Your Heart (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

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