Foster The People

Theres nothing better than coming across a track that instantly lifts your mood, especially when you’ve never heard of the artist before.

For me, that exact scenario has occurred this evening. About forty minutes ago I stumbled across Foster The People, a band that are so new that they haven’t even played their first gig yet.

‘Pumped Up Kicks’ isn’t exactly what I’d call my normal taste, but something about it picks me up and places me in the summertime which is something I need quite desperately right now. For this, I am sold.

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)


Foster The People



5 thoughts on “Foster The People

  1. ryan S says:


  2. Kevin says:

    This track is absolutely amazing, I have shared it with several friends through out the day and they are singing the chorus 10 mins later.

    I heard they are releasing an EP after SXSW.

    god, i hope so.

  3. ChrisLP says:

    AWESOME…where’s the album?

  4. Bryan Leinad says:

    check this out!

  5. […] One of my favourite tracks of last summer appeared to come out of absolutely nowhere. ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster The People was an completely accidental find for me, which came out putting Hype Machine on random – One of the reasons I absolutely adore that site. (Check out my original post on the band back in February last year HERE) […]

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