Streetlab have recently released a new full lengh titled ‘Auto Spkr’. As you’d expect, its full to the brim of their unique electronic / rock crossover sound. It can be purchased online HERE.

See full tracklisting below:

1) Supernatural
2) Need A Response
3) Lights Go Down (feat. Noelle)
4) NYSound (feat. MESH)
5) Enjoy Your Life (feat. Noelle)
6) Lay Me Back (feat. Van Scott) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)
7) What Is It For? (feat. Dawnie Love)
8 ) It Sure Ain’t Me (feat. Noelle)
9) Good & Evil
10) Hottt (feat. Christina Caceres)
11) Keep On Gettin’ Up (feat. Billy ‘Edreys’ Williams)
12) Rat Racer (feat. Noelle)
13) Twisted Up (feat. Christina Caceres)
14) Take Care (feat. Noelle) (Drop Io) (Alt Link YSI)

Definitely worth a go if you ask me.


Streetlab’s Myspace



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