Children Of The Revolution

Fancy a trip to France but lost your passport? If your fantasy of a long weekend across the channel has been dashed for whatever reason, don’t despair because club night French Revolution are bringing it to you. Infact they have been since 2006, so where have you had your head buried? Here’s what they have to say about themselves…
“A monthly event in London since its creation in 2006, playing host to Poni Hoax, Koko Von Napoo, Neimo, Brooklyn, Housse De Racket, Nelson and Dat Politics and more. The FR has helped launched the British careers and tours of these artists and is the first point of contact for the French industry looking to get a British fan base.”
Sounds worth a shot right? And what better time than their next show on May 14th which boasts a simply stellar line up including personal favourites of mine, The Shoes. (Check out the event HERE.) They’re nice chaps too, The Shoes, as to tempt you to the show on Friday (As if you need it) they’ve got a brand spanking new remix for you to treat your ears too.
Enjoy, you won’t be bored.

Oh and Brightonians, check the guys out at The Great Escape next weekend.

Read some more from the French Revolution guys HERE.

Check out The Shoes on a more personal level, HERE.



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