Since the sun started shining this year I’ve developed an obsession over a genre that I never imagined I would in the past.

Disco House.

Although it came as abit of a shock to me at first, right now, I’m (musically) living and breathing it at every opportunity. It was upon my quest to fill my iTunes with my new staple sound that I came across Spermstars.

Now, sadly, I can’t provide you with much information on these guys as they’re pretty mysterious. I can confirm that they hail from France and produce some pretty infectious, disco and funk sampled beauts…but thats about it. The more research I tried to do infact, just resulted in google providing me with websites I didn’t particularly want to visit…

Spermstars – One Night Stand (Kamei Remix) (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

Spermstars – Lovin’ Slut (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

Spermstars – Fuckfriend (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)


Spermstars’ Myspace


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