1000 Minutes Part Twenty Eight

Although it was intentional for me to start staggering these posts a little, (mainly to ensure the right decisions were made) I wasn’t quite planning on them going monthly. I’ll be making every effort to step up my game, but we’ll have to see if I actually stick to my word.

Still not sure what this is about? Check out this LINK.

92. Ben Folds Five – Kate [3:14] [time remaining 652:02] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

Last week I did one of my favourite things –  “music night” with my music taste soulmate and Wingman. This generally just involves trips down musical memory lane and educating each other with new tracks we’ve discovered. Basically, its a total geekfest, but of the best kind. Anyway, during this geekfest, I stumbled across a band I totally forgot about. Ben Folds Five were pretty much the soundtrack to my time at sixth form college and the album ‘Whatever and Ever Amen’ was on constant rotation in my little green car, only disturbed occasionally by a ska punk or emo compilation tape. ‘Kate’ was definitely our sing-a-long anthem for the A30.

93. The Organ – No One Has Ever Looked So Dead [1:57] [time remaining 650:05] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

This band will always hold a special place with me. Getting the opportunity to go on tour with your favourite band doesn’t happen to many people and I still count myself as incredibly lucky. Lyrically this song is perfect, how they managed to achieve such a beautiful track in just under 2 minutes is a mystery to me, but one I don’t mind not knowing the answer to.

94. R.E.M – Nightswimming [4:18] [time remaining 645:47] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

Generally I find R.E.M quite depressing and samey, like the worst kind of Sunday feeling. ‘Nightswimming’ however has always hit a different chord with me. Possibly one of the best piano lines ever written, I haven’t grown tired of it since my Dad used to play it in the early nineties. Nostalgia at its best.

95. Ane Brun – True Colors [2:21] [time remaining 643:26] (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

This one is a bit of a risk as I was only introduced to this version by my Wingman on the music night I mentioned earlier. Who knows, it may be a choice I regret at the end of this project, but considering my love for the original I think it’ll end up being a safe bet. Its very rare that I end up loving cover versions, but Ane Brun is definitely a winner.


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