Coffee and Cigarettes – As simple as it gets

I’d like to say that similarly to all other Jimmy Eat World fans, “I’ve been waiting three years for this”, but I haven’t. I was never a fan of 2007’s ‘Chase The Light’, no matter how hard I tried, so really “I’ve been waiting six years for this” and I’ve worn out the release prior, 2004’s ‘Futures’ in the process.

The album kicks off with “Heart Is Hard To Find” which with its guitar melodies, stomping and hand claps may trick you into thinking Jimmy have gone abit folky on first listen. Don’t worry, this is not the case.

First single from the album, ‘My Best Theory‘ is up next. Weirdly, its probably one of my least favourite tracks of the twelve. Each track from ‘Invented’ reminds me of a different J.E.W era and if I had to pick one for this track, I’d say it would be a favourite for those who love the singles from ‘Bleed American’. Not that this is bad, not at all, but just not a personal preference.

Evidence‘ is abit of a filler for me, not to say its not good, its just one of those tracks you could put on any Jimmy album and it would slot in without concern. In complete opposite to that, ‘Higher Devotion‘ is a strange one, a little dirtier than the standard sound we’ve come to expect with vocal harmonies which are a little out of character. Definitely a welcome addition.

‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ was the song that grabbed me on first listen to the album. I think I tend to fall for lyrics first, everything else second and for some reason, this simple little chorus pulled me in straight away:

“Coffee and Cigarettes / As simple as it gets / Of all the simple things I think I’ll miss / Theres staying up with you / Coffee and Cigarettes / Coffee and Cigarettes”

Additionally, the vocal harmonies with guest vocalist Courtney Marie Andrews (who features on five songs from the album) top the track off perfectly. I’m a sucker for joint male / female vocal lines, what can I say, the simple things excite me.

Skipping forward to track 9, ‘Cut‘ closely mirrors the sound of ‘Drugs Or Me’ from the ‘Futures‘ album in terms of the vocal melody, but tougher. Packed out with layered vocal harmonies and stadium style drum beats its an exceptional example of the maturity J.E.W have accomplished whilst managing to stay true to their trademark sound.

‘Action Needs An Audience’ is all the proof you’ll need if you’re found questioning whether Jimmy Eat World can still rock out. The guitars sound massive, whilst the basslines are mixed high and the drumbeats heavy.

Stand out track for me? Without doubt, ‘Invented‘ which encompasses everything that makes this band perfect in seven minutes and seven seconds. The build up from sedate ballad to passion fuelled rock anthem around the five minute mark where Jim screams, ”Having trouble with the right words, but you tell me with your eyes” is flawless.

I’ve always admired how the band can create albums mixed with solid rock tunes and sentimental heart wrenchers and be assured that ‘Invention‘ is no exception to this. In conclusion, this is a must own for any Jimmy fan, old or new as it reintroduces elements from their classics whilst building on them to stay current. A real beaut of an album, from start to finish.

Jimmy Eat World – Coffee and Cigarettes (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)

Jimmy Eat World – Invented (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)



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