Modernised Battle

UK Garage fans need to wrap their ears around this little treat for sure. I heard this for the first time last night blaring from my housemates room. My housemate runs the excellent Milk Teef blog and her knowledge of the UK Garage scene is better than anyones I’ve ever come across, infact shes pretty much the only one of my friends that I listen to completely when she recommends tracks to me as shes never failed to disappoint.

Anyway, back to the point, when I heard the familiar lyrics and beat blasting across our hallway I was quick to rush in and ask her to confirm what I thought I could hear.

She confirmed that Wookie’s fantastic ‘Battle’ (from back in 2000) had been given a refresh. Which genuis had created this refresh? Mumdance and Esser of course and genius is an understatement. Staying true to the songs original structure but bringing it bang up to date for todays clubscene, if you were stupid enough to get bored of the original (surely no one could have?) then this will without doubt make you fall in love all over again.

Oh and by the way, Mumdance’s new EP ‘Mum Decent’ was released at the start of this month. With guest spots from Esser and Sacrifice this is a must own. I recommend ‘Forget Me Now’ in particular, instant pleaser. Stream the EP from We7 by following this LINK.

Mumdance Feat.Esser – Battle (Wookie Cover) (Drop IO) (Alt Link YSI)


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