1000 Minutes Part Thirty Two

About another two posts of so and we’ll be at the halfway mark. I’m blatantly going to have to do this project all over again in another ten years…thats a scary thought. Although its good to have life goals right?

Not sure what I’m banging on about? Refresh your head HERE.

111. The Organ – Brother [4:01] [time remaining 579:39] (Mediafire) (Alt Link YSI)

I delayed putting in any songs by The Organ (The first, ‘No One Has Ever Looked So Dead’ featured in part twenty eight) because it was so hard for me to decide which one/s to choose. I love everything this band have ever produced which I don’t think is true of any other artist I’ve ever come across (except maybe Frightened Rabbit) and I don’t really see it as appropriate to feature their entire back catalogue. The longer I leave it however and the more the minutes decrease, the more I worry that I’ll forget and leave something crucial out. So to hell with it, I’m just going to act on instinct when and how I please. This leads me to the masterpiece that is ‘Brother’. The production on this song is perfection, every instrument and part stands out yet they combine with each other beautifully. The bassline that kicks off the song has never failed to draw me in and as usual Katie Sketch’s vocals are miles ahead of any other frontman or woman of her generation.

112. Hot Chip – We’re Looking For A Lot Of Love [4:42] [time remaining 575:57] (Mediafire) (Alt Link YSI)

This is one of the highest played tracks in my iTunes library and highlights how often my musical habits change, as according to iTunes, before today I hadn’t listened to it since July last year. I remember clearly the period of time in which it became one of the highest played tracks quite clearly. I was having abit of a down time in terms of relationships and used this song to wallow with quite alot. I used to go home to visit my family pretty frequently to get some head space from Brighton and this would often be the soundtrack to my train journeys. The song itself could be accused of being a little monotonous, but I have abit of a soft spot for music that builds at such a slow pace. Finally, I find the lyrics in the chorus quite perfect:

Everytime that we walk the streets / I try my best to keep up with the beat / You’re everything that I never could keep / I hear the sound and it starts to repeat

113. Kathleen Hanna – I Wish I Was Him [3:01] [time remaning 572:54] (Mediafire) (Alt Link YSI)

‘I Wish I Was Him’ was originally written by Ben Lee for his band Noise Addict about The Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando but I have always preferred Kathleen Hanna’s version. Why? Because its Kathleen Hanna of course. An ex of mine once put this on a mix cd for me (you may have noticed this sentence before and yes, it was the same girl – she has impreccable taste) and I fell in love with it on first lesson. I love that it sounds stripped down, like it was recorded in someones bedroom on a whim with a Fisher Price tape player, I love Hanna’s vocal as always and I love how ridiculously cute the lyrics are. If you haven’t heard it (I guess it could be considered rare) then do it, immediately.

114. Frankmusik – Done Done [3:43] [time remaining 569:11] (Mediafire) (Alt Link YSI)

Unfortunately Frankmusik became an artist that I got pretty bored of quite quickly. I’ve met Vince many times through a mutual friend and thanks to this I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of his Frankism EP in his early days . At the time, I thought it was fantastic and it didn’t leave my ‘Top Played’ list in iTunes for a long while. Unfortunately for me, by the time his album ‘Complete Me’ was released I found that my love for his music became quite stale. This isn’t a critism of the artist or the album directly as he gained alot of success (which was definitely deserved) and I’m sure he will continue to do so, but something changed for me personally and I still can’t place what that was to this day.

Now I know what you’re thinking, that was all pretty negative and I’m still about to include one of his tracks in my 1000 Minutes right? Well yes, you’re right, that does seem a little weird, but there is one song I will never tire of and it would be pretty criminal for it not to be included. ‘Done Done’ is probably the closest Frankmusik has ever gotten to a ballad (unless you count his acoustic album, which I do not) and is a real beaut on that level, but at the same time the beats and arrangement of this song as a whole are massive and sound absolutely incredible through club speakers. For this reason I ended quite alot of sets with it around the time of release, it will always remind me of that time and I will always consider it an absolute gem of a track.



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