Stay with Millions Like Us

I had a nice little surprise with the track I’m sharing today. Hurts have easily produced one of my favourite albums of 2010 (expect to find them featured highly in my end of year top ten in the next couple of weeks) and I find latest single “Stay” mind bendingly perfect. So much like I do with most bands / albums / songs I love this hard, I find the prospect of listening to remixes quite off putting….

Today though, I’m glad I did. Below you will find a simple, yet effective dub mix of ‘Stay’ by Millions Like Us. I expected to hate it. But I didn’t. I can’t vouch for you feeling the same, but I reckon its pretty likely. Go forth, listen and let me know.

Hurts – Stay (Millions Like Us Remix) (Alt Link YSI)

While you’re here too, fancy a depressing yet brilliant Christmas track (I know its early)? Well, treat yourself below…

Hurts – All I Want For Christmas (Is New Years Day) (Mediafire) (Alt Link YSI)


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