Foster The People

One of my favourite tracks of last summer appeared to come out of absolutely nowhere. ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster The People was an completely accidental find for me, which came out putting Hype Machine on random – One of the reasons I absolutely adore that site. (Check out my original post on the band back in February last year HERE)

Lots of questions followed…Who are Foster The People? Why can I find hardly anything about them online? Why haven’t they got any other tracks floating around?

Well, on January 18th those questions were answered, even not in full, in part as they released their debut E.P ‘Foster The People’. If you like your indie carefree and made for the sunshine, this is the band for you. Set to be one of your new favourites, I can guarantee it.

Foster the People – Houdini



One thought on “Foster The People

  1. kate says:

    linzi! i also thought that, ‘pumped up kicks’ was one of the best songs from last year (i love it), and i also found it wierd that there was NOTHING else lurking from this band but they still had a really swanky website, pro. photoshoots ETC. then this week, their EP suddenly appeared all over the blogs/hypemachine from nowhere (boom) and they are playing at coachella and doing a full U.S. AND australian tour. i do like them, and it’s hard to me to explain this without sounding like a psycho – but i don’t think i trust them. it just all feels very manufactured/calculated and cleverly timed, with a lot of money coming from somewhere (where?)… but i might be (and probably am) wrong and they are just a good + lovely band. i also need to think less. KC xxxxx

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