Don Rimini ‘The Perfect Prescription’

Don Rimini is a man I have always had the biggest of musical respect for, one of the best DJs / Producers to come out of the French electro scene, hes a man whose taste should always be trusted. So when news of his next compilation mix hit me, I knew it would provide me with some instant new favourites.

With ‘The Perfect Prescription’ Don has collated a selection new solid dancefloor tracks that have touched him in the last twelve months. Nothing here is obvious, nothing is subtle and everything is a winner. From jackin’ house, to rave, to bass and the trademark Don sound. I quote, “8 steps to perfection according to 3 criterias: be new, be creative, be bangin”  – the Don hits all three every time with every track.

My personal favourite can be found below. A solid house track with entry drums reminiscent of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’, a driving melody so solid it’ll give you that in club chest vibration and a repetition which mirrors Benny Benassis ‘Satisfaction‘ in ways – but a ton more addictive.

In short, if your music collection could do with a refresh but you don’t know where to start, right now, this is all you need.

Ado – Plugged (YSI)


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