Lucy Swann

“Put me to bed, tuck me in, so I can go to asleep again”

Now this is one of lifes great accidental discoveries. I was browsing the website for this years Great Escape festival when a name popped out at me. Lucy Swann is not an artist I’d previously heard of, infact its the name of an ex-girlfriend / very good friend of mine, so of course my first thought was, “what the?!”. Luckily the confusion didn’t last long because as memory serves, the Lucy I know is pretty much tone deaf (sorry if you’re reading this Lucy). Anyway, I clicked play and found an instant draw to the song I’m sharing below. Its a real beaut and has pretty much made my afternoon.

Lucy’s album, “Le Petite Mort” which translates into “The Little Death” (I felt clever when I knew what this meant, but if the truth be known I only knew because another ex of mine titled an exhibition / live performance of hers this many years back – apparently it has something to do with female orgasms – I’m not too sure.) is released on March the 1st in the UK and from what I’ve heard so far, its set to popular. Definitely one to watch.

Lucy Swann – For Heavens Sake (YSI)

Lucy Swann Official Site



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