Samson’s set me on fire

“I couldn’t sleep last night, my head was so full of you”

Sidney Samson went from relatively unknown to household name with the massive 2009/2010 anthem ‘Riverside’  and hes gone from strength to strength ever since. Producing some of the best commerical remixes of 2010 / 2011 so far, hes become a staple ingredient to the majority of my sets of late. Rihanna’s “S&M”, David Guetta’s “Commander” and Martin Solvieg’s “Hello” have all benefitted from the Samson treatement and now he’s got a new original to light up this years summer season.

“Set me on fire” features house legend Tara Mcdonald on vocals and is exactly the kind of house track I want to hear as the summer approaches. If this isn’t setting dancefloors on fire in the majority of clubs this summer, I’ll stay indoors and pretend its December.

‘Set me on fire’ is out now, buy it here from BEATPORT and in the meantime, give it a listen on Soundcloud below:


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