You got the right sound

NewVillager have without doubt been one of the most hyped up bands so far this year. Being on the lineup for this years SXSW has only increased this hype and considering the majority of blogs I read are chatting about that right now (I’m jealous, I want to be there) I finally caved and gave them a listen today.

I say caved, that implies I was trying to resist, I wasn’t, I’ve just been incredibly busy / lazy with music of late. Sometimes I hate myself when that happens because gems like this come about and I find out about them two months later. I want to quit everything and listen to music 24/7. Will anyone pay me to do this please? No really, Please?…

Seriously though (I say that, I actually was serious before too) , I may be late at discovering this, but jesus, when something is as incredible as this song, who the hell cares. I just listened to ‘Rich Doors’ four times in a row at my desk at work and I’m pretty sure everything else just stopped for a fifteen minutes. This track is a real brain takeover. Don’t be scared, let it happen, its the most positive thing ever.

NewVillager – Rich Doors



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