Like Beetles On Their Backs

Not going to SXSW is something I kick myself for pretty much every year and generally I’m filled with jealousy when I read the countless reviews of it across the blogworld. These negative feelings however, always subside when I get to discover a number of amazing bands / artists that played the festival  from the ones lucky enough to attend.

My favourite for today is Australian folk singer, Darren Hanlon. Now if you’re reading this from Australia, you’re probably rolling your eyes as I understand he has recently released his fifth solo album, ‘I Will Love You At All’ – if so, I apologise and blame the time difference. One day I will move to Australia, I swear I only really like Australian music recently…

I wish that I was beautiful for you / I wish that I inspired tiny fireworks inside the way you do

This song is a real beaut especially, with lyrics to which we can all relate to at some point I’m sure. If the rest of his back catalogue is as special as this track, I’ll warn you now, I might be abit busy for the next few days.

Darren Hanlon – I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You



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