Cry Just A Little

Whats my favourite thing about summertime?

Being woken up by the sunshine in the morning? The way everyones mood instantly improves when the suns out? The fact that the sun brings out the beautiful people? Not needing to take a coat when I go out? Iced Coffee? The smell of suntan lotion? Living by the beach?

All of these things are off the chart in terms of being amazing, but the one thing that gets me most excited is the quantity and quality of dance music when the sun starts to appear. Seriously, what is summer without house music? And how much better does house music sound in the sun?

A friend gave me a heads up on the new Bingo Players track yesterday and asked me if it was ok that she loved it. I see exactly what she means in a way, the vocal sample does have a snippet of guilty pleasure to it afterall. But more than that, this is flawless. The perfect summer anthem, catchy hooks, massive breaks and incredible build ups. All of my sets are going to include this beaut, starting now.

Buy on Beatport

Bingo Players – Cry Just A Little (Original Mix)



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