Goldfrapp Vs. Gaga

Lady Gaga’s “comeback” has had several effects on me. Shes disappointed me, angered me, embarrassed me on her behalf and at times made me want to pierce my own eardrums with a rusty nail (I mean, ‘Hair‘, what the hell is she thinking?).

The only one out of the four released / leaked tracks (‘Born This Way / ‘Judas’ / ‘Edge Of Glory’ / ‘Hair’) that doesnt fill me with complete loss is ‘Judas’ and by saying that, I’m not saying I like it, not even close. There are sections I like sure, but to me it sounds like she wrote five different songs and asked a toddler to put them all together to make a singular track / giant mess (delete where appropriate). But yes, I suppose some redeeming factors can be found amongst the crap.

One thing I do support and love wholeheartedly in this media shambles however is the remix I’m about to share. But before I do, lets just make something clear, Lady Gaga cannot take ANY credit for this (well, apart from the writing credits, I guess). Goldfrapp however, are nothing short of god like.

Lady Gaga – Judas (Goldfrapp Remix) (YSI)


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5 thoughts on “Goldfrapp Vs. Gaga

  1. Al says:

    Wow…I..absolutely…completely…agree with you.

    Her vocabularies and writing are even worse than an elementary student now. She says BABY~~~ way too much.
    Goldfrapp saved Judas’ very soul.

  2. Kenji Dub says:

    Agree with you about many things, specially about Judas sound like a bunch of lost different ideas gather into one track. But maybe is the only track in BTW that still connected with MONSTER style and probably the only one that she doesn’t sounds like Madonna or didn’t get inside the 80’s pop madness tho… I like Judas because I feel listening to Gaga when I play it, and even if it’s a cluster of half-unfinished ideas, it sounds original, unlike the rest of the album in which every track reminds me of something else…

  3. Kenji Dub says:

    ah! KILLAR RMX by the way!

  4. diego says:

    i think if you have no idea where the inspiration is comin from the songs on the record dont seem like anything but they are amazing underground tracks produced for a mainstream artist

  5. I LOVE YOU? CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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