1000 Minutes Part 36

And we’re on the home straight….you should know the score by now, but if you don’t….follow this LINK.

134. Basement Jaxx – Romeo [3:26] [time remaining 497:13] (YSI Download)

Everything about this tune screams good times, dancefloors and any other fun connotations you can think of. But then with Basement Jaxx, the most instantly recognisable dance producers of our time, this is no surprise.
I remember coming across the acoustic version on ‘The Singles’ bonus CD for the first time and being blown away also. How a song can be so massive and dancefloor worthy and then be stripped down to its acoustic form and still sound incredible is beyond me, but this one does it for sure.

135. Lily Allen – I Could Say [4:03] [time remaining 493:10] (YSI Download)

I’m not sure where my unconditional love for Lily Allen stems from. It’d be safe to say that her being pretty much my ideal woman is a large factor, but putting my infatuation aside, she is still one of my favourite pop artists and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bothered about her decision to retire from the industry. The simple realism in her lyrics is something I’ve always admired, for the listener it becomes easy to relate to her music which is not always possible. Since the release of her second album, ‘I Could Say’ has been a choice Lily track for me, on a personal level I guess its because I can truly apply some of the lyrics to past relationships. So many songs about love and break ups end up being overly sentimental, its rare that you’ll ever hear the realistic point of view thats presented in this track, which is that actually, you’ll get over it and everything will always be ok.

136. Fleetwood Mac – Songbird [3:21] [time remaining 489:49] (YSI Download)

Sometimes you can love something / someone so much that its simply impossible to put it into words. Even if you attempt to and you feel that you’ve got your description spot on, its unlikely that the person you’re explaining it to will fully understand or relate. Thats how I feel about the task of describing my thoughts on ‘Songbird’. All I can say is that for me, its probably the most beautiful song ever written. The lyrics aren’t particularly complex, but with the words chosen Christine McVie manages to successfully tug on every single heartstring with such realism and passion that it gives me shivers.

137. The Temptations – My Girl [2:43] [time remaining 487:06] (YSI Download)

Theres a scene in Almost Famous where the character of Russell Hammond explains to William Miller that the tiny moments in a song that not everyone will notice will often make the song for him. I get this with every single element in ‘My Girl’, the twang of the guitar, the bassline intro, the horn melodies in the chorus, the soulful vocals and the lyrics that describe that when you’re truly in love everything else is just ok, or more so. Also, ‘My Girl’ was my favourite film as a child, so the memories it triggers of Thomas J before he gets stung by the bee’s are also quite a strong nostalgia factor. Those damn bee’s.

138. UB40 – The Way You Do The Things You Do [3:02] [time remaning 484:04] (YSI Download)

My love for DJing is down to my uncle for certain. He started in his early twenties as a classic wedding and birthday parties DJ with hired disco balls and flashing lights but still, back then I thought he was the coolest guy I knew and he became my hero for many years. Alot of his taste influenced me, especially through my teenage years when I developed a passion for ska and reggae, but the band I’m most grateful now are UB40. And this song, is one of the best.



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