Afrojack’s a Techno Fan

You can tell that summers approaching when the release of quality house music starts to double in numbers. One man who appears to be behind alot of those numbers at the moment is Afrojack. Being able to move across such varied genres of music and create remixes as amazing as he does is a real talent in my book and right now, Afrojack is the King of it.

As for The Wombats, even though every inch of my musical snobbery tells me I shouldn’t like them, I’ve had a massive soft spot since the days of ‘Kill The Director’ and ‘Moving to New York’. Even if commercial indie bands aren’t your bag, I challenge you be able to resist how catchy their melodies are.

So yes, in conclusion, what do you get when you put one of the greatest current house music producers and one of the worlds most infectious indie-pop bands together? A summer anthem, thats what.

The Wombats – Techno Fan (Afrojack Remix) (YSI)


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