Call Me? Oh yeah, You can’t

So today is a dark day for me. Today, Thursday August 25th 2011, is the first day I will be without my iPhone 4 for approximately 3-5 days. I sent my poor little smashed screen phone off this morning to be replaced on insurance and normally this wouldn’t be an issue because the courier hands you a new one at the same time right? Wrong.

Now, due to all the little life ruiners who call and fraudulantly claim new phones, they have to take them away to inspect first and then send a new one. Not exactly ideal when like me, you’re the kind of loser that has their iPhone attached to their hand at all times.

This may seem a little lame, but when you’re in constant communication 24 hours a day with one of your best friends via Whats App, when you have an addiction to Facebook, when you check your emails on the move, when you listen to your iPod all day everyday and have a mild obsession with growing strawberry crops in CityVille, this becomes a serious issue.

I’ll admit quite freely that I have an addictive personality, so maybe I am a unique case here, but when you spend your days at work plugged into a computer (I’m a web designer 90% of the time) the world becomes very quiet when you can’t send a pointless text or give someone a ring for a break.

So yes, day one, its pretty tough and I’m only an hour and a half in. My friends tell me that by day 4-5 I’ll prefer it and not want my phone back. I’m not convinced, but I’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, I’ve picked a selection of ecletic tracks linked to my temporary misery.

They’re all favourites of mine, so think of my pain as a benefit to you, because quite frankly, you should own them already.

Lady Gaga Feat. Beyonce – Telephone (Crookers Remix) (YSI Download)

You’re not gonna reach my telephone” – Never a truer word said Lady Gaga. Who’d have thought that one day I’d be able to relate to her lyrics? I certainly didn’t. As a sidenote, I absolutely love this remix, so it did brighten up my day of despair for a moment.

Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (YSI Download)

Robyn comes across as abit of a desparate homewrecker in this song doesn’t she? If I was receiving one of these calls, she’d probably get a smack in the mouth, so its probably good, for her sake, that my phone is out of order.

Tegan & Sara – Call It Off (YSI Download)

Luckily I don’t have a girlfriend that is planning to call and break up with me. But if I did, she’d have to email me I guess, which by the way, is not a break up method I condone.

Blondie – Call Me (YSI Download)

Oh, thats right. You can’t……

Stevie Wonder – I Just Called To Say, I Love You (YSI Download)

Again, not something that happens to me on a regular day, but it would be nice to know that if someone fancied doing it, even my Mum, they could.

Metric – Collect Call (YSI Download)

Ok, so this ones not particularly relevant. Although, it is a brilliant song, I am a lazy dancer and if I wanted to make a collect call (do people still do that? Do those terrible adverts with Holly Valance still exist?), I still could, so theres a ray of sunshine!



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