Hanging On


When a track has been only been up for three days and already has over 270k plays it speaks volumes really doesn’t it? Like many I’ve been wondering what had happened to Ellie Goulding recently, it seemed her relationship with Skrillex was dominating most of her news coverage, but finally shes back for the right reasons, her voice.

New single ‘Hanging On’ is an Active Child cover, featuring Tinie Tempah on MC duties and you can download it for free by following the Soundcloud link below.

Personally, I think its a grower. The positives: Ellie’s vocals are incredible as always, there’s something truly unique about her tone and range that sets her above the majority of the female vocalists coming from the UK right now, even if others can at times outdo her with strength. The main negative for me though, comes in the form of Tinie Tempah’s verse, this isn’t a direct criticism because I do generally have alot of time for him, but something about his contribution to this track almost detracts from the atmosphere it built without his vocal. Overall though, this track does intrigue and excite me about what Ellie has up her sleeve for her next release.

And as a bonus, if you haven’t heard Ellie’s cover of The Weeknd’s ‘High For This’ which she put out there about a month ago, wrap your eardrums round the link below. If you ask me, this was a pretty brave step, but she pulls it off in a very different and beautiful manner.


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