RIP Tony Sly

Sad news spread across the internet last night as fans of punk band No Use For A Name found out about the passing of front man Tony Sly, aged 41.

Like many teenagers at the time, melodic punk rock was a big part of my life and musical discovery around 1998/99 onwards as I turned 15 and searched for music I wanted that wasn’t played on the radio. Fat Wreck Chords was the label that provided me with most of my favourite bands at that time and No Use For A Name were always a choice pick. ‘Making Friends’, ‘More Betterness’ and ‘Hard Rock Bottom’ were three albums my friends and I played until they wore out and they provided the soundtrack to many road trips as we passed out driving tests and gradually, kind of, grew up.

RIP Tony Sly, thanks for the memories.


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One thought on “RIP Tony Sly

  1. HonestKyle says:

    I was actually very sad to here this. I grew up listening to albums like “More Betterness”. And their following album “Hard Rock Bottom” was a great transition into more standard rock styles.

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