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Let It Go

Dragonette are back flying solo after two successful collaborations with Martin Solveig (‘Hello’ and ‘Big in Japan’) and the results are pretty damn good. New single ‘Let It Go’ looks set to be a big seller and the one and only Laidback Luke has boosted this even further with his remix below. I’ve always found that I appreciate Dragonette more when their tracks are complimented by the addition of a big house beat and this track is no exception…

Dragonette – Let It Go (Laidback Luke Remix)


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Somebody I used to know

Is it just me or was anyone else surprised when Gotye’s latest single, ‘Somebody I used to know’ made the top ten? Not that the song isn’t good, infact, its probably been one of my favourite tracks of 2012 so far, but top ten? Mainstream? Sometimes I’m baffled by the top 40, really I am.

This is not a complaint however, really its not, an eclectic chart featuring actually good music is nothing but an amazing thing and an artist like Gotye, after three great albums, certainly deserves the recognition. As does this remix, an absolute beaut by LAZRtag.

Gotye – Somebody I Used To Know (LAZRtag Bootleg Remix)


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212 – EDIT

Love Azealia Banks’ “212”? After a extended edit to drop into your sets? Fancy it with abit of a house injection?

Well…I might just have your answer…

Azealia Banks Feat. Lazy Jay – 212 (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Remix)

The legend of the subtle remix, Tommie Sunshine, has joined forces with Disco Fries to extend this already monster track into a longer dancefloor hit whilst adding a little bit of extra sunshine of his own.



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Releasing MissB

One thing I love about Brighton Pride is the likelyhood of going to a random house party, meeting a friend of a friend, having a drunken ramble about music and then finding something genius. This happened last week at an afterparty when I met a girl called Gina, otherwise known as MissB.

Djing since 2007 and with a love of vocal house music, MissB has played a variety of clubs across the North of England and states a highlight as playing the Dance Village of Glastonbury in 2009. Since then she has started producing her own music and opened ‘MissB Studios Limited‘ a place for collaboration and production which welcomes people of all ages to record and to learn about the process.

Check her out on her website HERE and then get your ears round this remix, its an absolute beaut.

Zoe Badwi – Release Me (MissB Remix) (YSI Download)



Fade Into Darkness

This track is pretty relevant to me in several ways right now. Firstly because my ridiculously busy schedule has meant that I’ve let this blog ‘Fade into Darkness’ recently (Did you see the link?!) and secondly, on the lead up to Brighton Pride next month I’ve been searching for that summer time anthem to drop into the peak of my set for weeks. Well, its become clear to me today that that search is over.

‘Fade Into Darkness’ is a remake of Avicii’s earlier released beaut of track, ‘Penguin’ which has incidently recently been sampled by Leona Lewis on her single ‘Collide‘ (Seriously, what?! I’m not sure how I feel about that, so I’m probably just not going to comment). Lyrics were written by John Martin who also penned Swedish House Mafia’s most recent single, ‘Save The World’ and if you ask me, they’re the perfect fit.

He did it last year with Bromance and this year Avicii (Tim Berg) has done it again…

Turn this up loud, let the sunshine in and enjoy.

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Club Mix)

Added Extra:

Another absolute anthem with a sprinkle of the Avicii special ingredient…

Tom Hangs Feat. Shermanology – Blessed (Avicii Remix) (You Send It)



Afrojack’s a Techno Fan

You can tell that summers approaching when the release of quality house music starts to double in numbers. One man who appears to be behind alot of those numbers at the moment is Afrojack. Being able to move across such varied genres of music and create remixes as amazing as he does is a real talent in my book and right now, Afrojack is the King of it.

As for The Wombats, even though every inch of my musical snobbery tells me I shouldn’t like them, I’ve had a massive soft spot since the days of ‘Kill The Director’ and ‘Moving to New York’. Even if commercial indie bands aren’t your bag, I challenge you be able to resist how catchy their melodies are.

So yes, in conclusion, what do you get when you put one of the greatest current house music producers and one of the worlds most infectious indie-pop bands together? A summer anthem, thats what.

The Wombats – Techno Fan (Afrojack Remix) (YSI)


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Style Of Eye Saves The World

Being a big fan of the original, I wasn’t expecting to find a remix of Swedish House Mafia’s latest single, ‘Save the World’ that blew me away. I knew I was about to be proved wrong however, when I saw Style Of Eyes name next to the track during my daily Hype Machine sweep.

This is a gem, pure and simple.

Swedish House Mafia – Save The World (Style Of Eye & Carli Remix) (YSI Download)


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Where Dem Girls At?

I’ve been doing alot of mainstream pop and dance DJing the last six months (check out our nights blog HERE – Shameless plug) and because of this I’ve actually started to pay attention to the charts.

Now, I don’t know whether I’ve been brainwashed through the job or whether I do actually really enjoy alot of music in the chart right now, but whatever the reason, its happening.

How do I feel about that? I’d rather not comment, BUT if its good enough for Afrojack, then its good enough for me…

David Guetta Feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida – Where Dem Girls At? (Afrojack Remix) (YSI)


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Cry Just A Little

Whats my favourite thing about summertime?

Being woken up by the sunshine in the morning? The way everyones mood instantly improves when the suns out? The fact that the sun brings out the beautiful people? Not needing to take a coat when I go out? Iced Coffee? The smell of suntan lotion? Living by the beach?

All of these things are off the chart in terms of being amazing, but the one thing that gets me most excited is the quantity and quality of dance music when the sun starts to appear. Seriously, what is summer without house music? And how much better does house music sound in the sun?

A friend gave me a heads up on the new Bingo Players track yesterday and asked me if it was ok that she loved it. I see exactly what she means in a way, the vocal sample does have a snippet of guilty pleasure to it afterall. But more than that, this is flawless. The perfect summer anthem, catchy hooks, massive breaks and incredible build ups. All of my sets are going to include this beaut, starting now.

Buy on Beatport

Bingo Players – Cry Just A Little (Original Mix)



All I Ask Of You

This song in its many remixed forms has been on loop for me today. Skrillex is pretty much the golden boy on the block right now and rightly so. I originally posted about him back in December and since that date, hes been in the top three most popular posts for this site every single day.

The original edit of ‘All I Ask of you’ may have a little bit of a Europop vibe to it, mainly due to the guest vocal from Penny (which by the way I love) I think, but seriously, bear with it if you don’t feel it straight away, this is a real treat for the summer.

Not convinced? Well give the two remixes below a go too (Myndsets is my personal favourite), guaranteed you’ll like at least one or your money back (if you’d paid me money anyway…).

Skrillex – All I ask of you (Original Edit)

Skrillex – All I ask of you (Myndset Remix)

Skrillex – All I ask of you (Trypt Remix)


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