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1000 Minutes Part 39

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150. Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River [4:48] (time remaining 431:09) (listen on Spotify)

A thumping Timbaland production, JT hitting a falsetto range Mariah Carey would be jealous of, a video that involved him stalking a fake Britney Spears round her house and lyrics that focus not on heartbreak but getting your own back. What more could you want from a track? Potentially one of my favourite pop songs of all time, its now a massive ten years old and still sounds as fresh as the first time I heard it.

151. Diana King – Shy Guy [4:19] (time remaining 426:50) (listen on Spotify)

Considering I was 11 years old when this track was released, I have absolutely no idea when I first heard it, yet still it feels like it should be full of memories and nostalgia. Regardless of when or how though, this track never fails to make it feel like summers coming, even if it is closer to Christmas. I also like it because it seems like most people find it impossible not to attempt the ‘Mercy, mercy, mercy’ accent when singing along and thats always kind of funny.

152. Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby [4:18] (Time remaining 422:32) (listen on Spotify)

I go through stages of being in love with Mariah Carey. Sometimes I forget about it, but she always manages to remind me again. With this song, its a guaranteed win. Sure, its sickly sweet in places, especially coupled with the image of her swinging on a rope swing over a lake in the video, but it never fails to put me in a good mood. So much so infact that I recently tried it out as my alarm clock in the mornings and I can confirm that I woke up in a happier mood than when 95% of other songs chosen were used. That says something right?

153. Lionel Richie – My Destiny [3:41] (time remaining 418:51) (listen on Spotify)

While we’re on the subject of songs that put me in a good mood in the morning, here’s another. I’m not going to lie, this probably won’t be the only Lionel song that makes its way into my 1000 minutes. My Dad was probably his biggest superfan afterall, so many of his lyrics were likely to be responsible for my first words as a child. And when you have that kind of forced connection with an artist, its kind of hard to shake. Seriously though, this track is one of the greatest feel good songs out there and if you disagree, you’re a liar, or your heart isn’t beating.



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Cry Me A River


Not only is this track one of my favourite pop songs of all time, but now, eSenTRIK has increased its value by producing this remix. This has got some serious vibes.


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