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1000 Minutes Part 38

I can’t actually believe how long it has been since I wrote an entry into the 1000 Minutes Project. Unfortunately I think I was lacking inspiration for awhile, but after an accidental nostalgic music listening session last week I’ve been kicking myself for letting it slide. Anyway, as those who read this will know, I like to try where possible to pick a handful of songs each entry that kind of fit side by side, not this time. This time I’ve gone with my gut and just plucked songs out of the memory that have significant meaning. To be honest, with only half the time left, I think thats the approach I’ll roll with til I hit zero from now on. So yes, entry 38, a little random, but fitting all the same.

As normal, if you want to view the full list so far, follow this LINK and if you want to see all previous 37 ramblings from me, search 1000 minutes on the main page.

145. Green Day – Good Riddance (Time of your life) [2:35] [time remaining 453:35] (listen on YouTube)

Released in 1997 on Green Day’s fifth studio album, Nimrod, its hard to believe that this song is fifteen years old this year. It was around 1997, aged 14-15 when I first started branching out into punk and Green Day along with Blink 182 were the first bands I obsessed over. Like most teenage alternative kids this song became abit of an anthem for me and I can recall many cider drunk sing-alongs and countless discussions about it being the perfect funeral song, pretty morbid thoughts teenagers but I can guarantee I wasn’t alone. For me this was a beautiful song back then and still is now, it provides with an enormous feeling of nostalgia which considering the lyrics, will always seem massively appropriate.

146. Oasis – Live Forever [4:37] [time remaining 448:58] (listen on YouTube)

When Britpop was at its peak I always stood firmly in the Blur camp of the Blur Vs. Oasis debate. For me that decision was easy as I consistently loved every record that Blur released and my enjoyment for Oasis came to a pretty sudden stop after their first two albums. This however does not mean that I cannot appreciate Oasis in their early days, both ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘What’s the story (Morning Glory)’ were albums I appreciate massively and its because of that the idea of leaving them out of this project would be absurd. ‘Live Forever’ has always been my standout track from Oasis and in my opinion its the finest example of Noel Gallaghers incredible writing ability, no matter what my opinions are on their most recent releases, there is absolutely no denying that the man is a genius and who could argue when presented with this track. Put simply, its epic.

147. C.S.S – Lets Make Love and Listen Death From Above [3:30] [time remaining 445:28] (listen on YouTube)

This track reminds me of a very specific time of my life. I lived in Southampton, I’d just started promoting gigs with my then girlfriend and we decided on a whim one day that we were to become DJs. We went out and bought our own CDJs and would practice every available hour (often at the expense of university) in our bedroom. When we started to get our first gigs at clubs and bars, this song would always appear in our set without fail. At the time of its release, 2005 to be precise, it was so unlike anything else out there and it became one of anthems of the very short lived neu rave era.

148. Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Follow You Into The Dark [3:09] [time remaining 441:19] (listen on YouTube)

Death Cab’s fifth studio album ‘Plans’ dropped in 2005 and I have to admit as a pretty massive fan at the time it didn’t instantly click with me, until I got down to this track, number five on the album and I instantly fell in love. Written about frontman Ben Gibbard’s thoughts about the afterlife and the feeling of losing someone close to him, the lyrics are simply beautiful and the simplistic mono recording of the song adds to that even further.

149. Bon Iver – The Wolves (Act I & II) [5:22] [time remaining 435:57] (listen on YouTube)

I find that in order for a song to hit me emotionally there are generally two ways in which it happens. The first and most obvious involves being able to relate to the story the lyrics tell, the second which is without doubt much rarer requires a more epic build up and incredible sound which just leaves me feeling overwhelmed. This is the best way I can describe how ‘The Wolves’ by Bon Iver makes me feel. The simplicity of the slow and layered vocals building into a massive instrumental sound clash just blew me away the first time I heard it and continues to give me tingles every single time.



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Top Five Records Sunday : Brit Pop

Each Sunday from now on will see a theme from this here blog; I decided this after re watching one of my all time favourite films, High Fidelity. I’m not going to explain it, just watch it.

Starting today, I’m going to be compiling a Top 5 chart. Each week the chart will be different in content and origin. Some will be quite obvious, some just based on my mood that day, so bear with me. Some you may love, some you may find ridiculous and hate, we’ll just have to see what happens I guess.

I’m starting this weeks Top 5 with a genre very close to my heart. A genre which in my eyes could never be successfully recreated and a movement that I don’t believe has been bettered since its demise. This movement was born in the UK in the early 90’s and was influenced some may say by guitar based pop of the 1970’s and the alternative rock/indie acts of the 1980’s.

I am of course, talking about Brit pop.

Timeless is the key word that comes to mind when describing how I feel about this genre. Its amazing how albums I was introduced to as a teenager not only changed my whole perspective of music at the time, but can still move me a good ten years on. I have only vague memories of my early teenage years, yet when it comes to remembering the lyrics to the entirety of ‘The I.T Girl’ by Sleeper or Ash‘s ‘1977’, not a problem. I have difficulty believing that theres many bands around at the minute that will still do that to me when I hit my thirties.

I find Brit pop more inspiring than any other musical movement of my lifetime so far. What better role models for a teenage girl than Justine Frischmann of Elastica; Louise Wener of Sleeper, Lauren Laverne of Kenickie; Charlotte Hatherley of Ash or Miki Berenyi of Lush?? The talent and pure in your face attitude displayed by these front women beats looking up to Britney Spears any day in my opinion.

Brit pop even divided the country in 1995 with the fight to the death for the number one slot between Oasis and Blur with their singles ‘Roll With It’ and ‘Country House’.

I quote from NME magazine, “Yes, in a week where news leaked that Saddam Hussein was preparing nuclear weapons, everyday folks were still getting slaughtered in Bosnia and Mike Tyson was making his comeback, tabloids and broadsheets alike went Brit pop crazy”. Who does that now?? And I’m not accepting the papers obsessions over Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse’s drug habits as a valid answer here. These headlines were all about the music.

So how do I carve up such a hugely important genre and whittle down the incredible amount of brilliant bands and albums to a Top 5? With great difficulty is the answer. I’ve chosen the following five tracks about seventeen different times and what I’ve come up with is not what I consider to be the best songs of that era, as that would be impossible. Instead, I’ve chosen five of my personal favourites.


My Top 5 Brit pop Records.

Bedhead – Sleeper [From ‘Smart’1995] (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

Vaseline – Elastica [From ‘Elastica’ 1995] (YSI)
(Alt Link Mediafire)

Charmless Man – Blur [From ‘The Great Escape’ 1995] (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

Daydreamer – Menswear [From ‘Nuisance’ 1995] (YSI)
(Alt Link Mediafire)

Ladykillers – Lush [From ‘Lovelife’ 1996] (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

And OK, I’m cheating a little bit..I said it was hard didn’t I??

The following are not part of my Top 5. However, I do consider them as well, must owns. I guess I felt kind of wrong leaving them out without a mention. Think of them as a bonus CD I guess?

Must Have Bonus Tracks:

Roll With It – Oasis [From ‘(Whats The Story) Morning Glory’ 1995] (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

Disco 2000 – Pulp [From ‘Different Class’ 1995] (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

Girl From Mars – Ash [From ‘1977’ 1996] (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

And if Brit pop excites you as much as me, I suggest you check out the graphic novel ‘Phonogram : Rue Britannia’. Have a little peek at it here…Phonogram Comic.


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