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She’s got a boyfriend anyway…

“And this is how it starts / You take your shoes off in the back of my van / My shirt looks so good / When it’s just hanging off your back”

Released on November 16th, Manchester band The 1975 are back with a follow up to their well received EP ‘ Facedown’ with a new four track which goes by the name of ‘Sex’.

If you like your alternative bands to be mixed with electronica, grungy guitars and R&B influenced vocal harmonies, then this EP is potentially your new favourite listen.

Opening track ‘Intro / Set 3’ and its follow up ‘Undo’ bring their R&B and slowjam influences to the forefront. For me, with this sound is where The 1975’s strengths lie. They blend these elements with chilled yet glitchy electronic beats which build slowly but surely into pulsating anthems.

‘Sex’ the lead single from the E.P has received its fair share of radio support with airplay from Radio 1, XFM and Kerrang recently and based on the quality of the release as a whole this is set to continue. With its upbeat sound, melodic vocals, catchy lyrics and reverb filled guitars this will take you back to the glory days of American bands such as Jimmy Eat World whilst still managing to sound fresh and on point.

With the EP’s closing track, ‘You’, we find nothing we haven’t heard from indie bands previously which could be seen as disappointing after the brilliance of the first three songs. But still, its catchy, its melodic, the lyrics are simple yet memorable and for me, even if its not the stand out track, its definitely worth more than a couple of listens.

Overall, a really strong EP which will no doubt be on rotation in my headphones for a little while yet.