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Full Of Fire

Seven years have flown by hey? I still remember being 23, DJing every Saturday night in an indie club in Southampton and dropping ‘Heartbeats’ every single set without fail.

Then, The Knife went silent.

Until now. I’m almost 30, I haven’t listened to ‘Heartbeats’ in longer than I can remember and that indie club in Southampton seems like a lifetime ago, but with this new track, The Knife have pulled me back in. Definitely one of my most eagerly awaited albums of 2013.

Shaking The Habitual is released on April 8th.



1000 Minutes Part Four


Back to work today, so I’m strapped for time, but I couldn’t let today pass with at least small update to my minutes..

Hopefully you know what this project is all about by now, but for those of you who don’t, check this out.

16. The Knife – Heartbeats [3.54] [time remaining 946:30] (YT Link)

This track is probably an obvious choice for alot of people, but that will not deter me from its inclusion. Made huge by that bloke with a guitar passing it off as his own in 2006, I remember my cousin asking me who had been silly enough to cover him once. I’d never had a problem with cover versions until that day. I guess that’s when you know you’re getting old..when feel you need to educate the younger generations about music that appears outside of the top 40. Other than ‘Maps’ this has got to be one of the greatest indie love songs ever written…disagree? Play it any indie club night and consider my point proven. This track holds so many different, yet equally important memories for me over the last six years which alone proves that it will never lose its appeal.

17. Snow Patrol – You Could Be Happy [3:04] [time remaining 943:26] (YT Link)

Snow Patrol are probably the only band I share a love for with both of my parents. This has got to be one of the most beautiful break up songs ever and never fails to tug on my heart strings. I’m sure that many people can relate to it on one level or another, lyrically perfect and strangely uplifting considering its topic.


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Give Me Fever

For those who have been wondering what The Knife have been up to for the last two years theres an answer for you right here..

Karin Dreijer Andersson (who if you’re unsure makes up 50% of the duo) has been working on a new solo project which goes by the name of Fever Ray.

This is sure to be instant winner with fans of The Knife and perhaps even more so with others, more accessible than bands three full lengths but still containing that dark and eerie sound we’ve come to know and love. Fingers crossed some idiot with a guitar doesn’t get his hands on this too.

The digital album was released on January 13th and you can download it at Klicktrack. If you want to wait for the physical release it’ll hit the U.K and U.S stores on March 23rd.

As a taster here’s the first single from the self titled album…

Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)

Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix) (YSI) (Alt Link Mediafire)


Fever Ray Website


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