If you are the owner of anything featured published on this blog and would like it removed then please do contact me on the e-mail address below.

Likewise, if you would like me to feature any of your own material, get in touch and I’ll give it a listen.

Email –



Hype Machine



P.S…For those of you who keep asking me why the links don’t work, right click and save as…then they’ll work.


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. pollyo says:


  2. xander says:

    uhm, so lately i’ve noticed your direct links are timed out and your yousendit links are all expired… any chance of re-upping?

  3. xander says:

    The links seem to be coming up with an error page and don’t work when i right click. yousendit was fine for the smd but the ones before (jaymo and discotech remixes) haven’tworked for me?
    might just be my browser, idk.
    Thanks for the awesome blog btw!

  4. xander says:

    **actually i lied, the jaymo one is fine, just the discotech ones and the links arent working.
    thanks again.

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