Klever Kills


Personally endorsed by A-Trak, Klever is certainly a DJ not to be messed with. You should see his trophy cabinet. From the age of 20, Klever entered himself into almost every DJ competition there was going proving himself as a an outright genius turntablist. Anyone who has witnessed Klever live seems to confirm the statement found on his myspace biography. He moves crowds in every direction from his roots of crunk, booty, and hip hop to the sweaty sounds of electro, dance-rock, b-more, new-wave, hard rock, and anything worthy to make you rock with finesse.

Want proof? You got it…

Klever – Everybody Hit The Floor (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)

Big Gipp – Hot (Klever Remix) (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)

DJ Blaqstarr – All The Girls Around The World (Klever So So Death Remix) (Direct Link) (Alt Link YSI)


Klever’s Myspace

Big Gipp’s Myspace

Blaqstarr’s Myspace


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4 thoughts on “Klever Kills

  1. Phil Becket says:

    dude … when you use a new webservice – take your time to check it out before posting…

    here is what your ‘directlink’ says:

    “500 – Your link has timed out or is invalid. Go back to the drop page and refresh your browser to get a valid link to download or view the requested file.
    Note: drop.io does not allow permanent direct linking to un-converted assets. You can share ‘converted’ assets using the ’embed’ function and/or the XML RSS feed, but you cannot direct link’ unconverted files (including .zips, .rars, or other file formats drop.io does not convert into web-friendly formats).”

  2. Hotsauce says:

    yeah that right click save as thing still doesn’t work as you suggested

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